Could Your Headache Be Coming From Your Spine

Many people struggle with headaches. There are certainly various types of headaches. One person may have migraine headaches, another may have tension headaches, and someone else may have sinus headaches. What do they all have in common? In my 35 years of chiropractic practice I have found that the majority of headaches, are coming from the spine. This article will discuss headaches, important research concerning this condition and headache pain relief.

As I noted earlier, there are varying types of headaches. Let’s briefly discuss these. Migraine headaches are classically located on one side of the head. They are usually preceded by a “prodrome.” A prodrome occurs before the actual head pain. For some it might be a loss of peripheral vision, others may get a ringing in the ears and another might get a feeling of numbness in the facial area. Migraine sufferers usually experience a severe pain that can cause them disability to the point they may have to lie down in a dark quiet room.

Tension headaches, which also may be called muscular stress headaches, can be located anywhere in the skull. Some people get them in the back of the head, others might get them in the temples and another might find them to be all over the entire skull. Stress and tiredness tend to trigger tension headaches. Usually, they are mild to moderate in nature and those suffering from them are accustomed to continuing on with their day, albeit under duress.

Sinus headaches are usually located in front of the head and are located around the eyes, forehead and upper cheeks. They may occur with changes in weather, temperature or seasonal changes. They are confounding to those having them due to their unpredictability.

Fortunately, there is a single type of conservative care that is blessing for headache pain alleviation. Research has found that the cause of headaches is frequently found by correcting spinal misalignments in the upper neck. In fact, the Journal of Occupational Trauma published a research article that said: “Headaches are more frequently caused by spinal stress than any other condition.”

A doctor of chiropractic is trained to evaluate the upper spinal bones of the neck for misalignments and improper motion. If there is abnormal alignment or motion of these bones, called vertebrae, it can irritate nerves that cause migraine, tension, and sinus headaches.

Chiropractors are also trained to restore proper alignment and motion to the upper spinal vertebrae by way of a chiropractic adjustment. A chiropractic adjustment is very safe, gentle conservative. Many headache sufferers are used to taking medications for headaches. These drugs may have unhealthy side effects. Chiropractic care is known to be a non-pharmaceutical alternative for headache pain relief.

For over 125 years chiropractors have cared for patients suffering from headaches and provided pain relief.

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My Sinus Headaches Are Gone!

Amanda had been coming to me for several weeks to receive chiropractic treatment for ongoing neck pain. One day upon entering the office she proclaimed: “My sinus headaches are gone!” In addition to having neck pain she also been dealing with a persistent sinus irritation and headache problem. She’d been taking sinus medication but was still having problems. Fortunately, her chiropractic care helped her with both her neck pain and her sinus condition. This article will discuss how neck pain and sinus headaches are associated and how chiropractic care can help. It will also reveal a recent important research study detailing how chiropractors can help headaches attributed to sinusitis.

Many people suffer from neck pain. In our society today is very common due to the amount of sitting we do during our childhood education and with desk/computer jobs that we engage in as adults. For over 125 years chiropractors have helped those with neck discomfort by providing a nonpharmaceutical, nonsurgical, safe, effective method of pain relief.

Chiropractors have noted that many people suffering from neck pain also have problems with their sinuses. These sinus conditions can include headaches in the frontal aspect of the head, stuffiness and congestion of the sinus areas and drainage of the sinuses causing a persistent cough.

A recent research study in the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy, February 2019 found that examinations of 31 patients with self-reported sinus headaches and 30 patients without a history of headaches revealed that neck pain in cervical musculoskeletal dysfunction were common among those with sinus headaches which may be a contributing factor to headaches attributed to sinusitis.

In my 34 years of chiropractic practice I often treat patients with sinus headaches and accompanying neck pain/dysfunction with a combination of manual therapies such as a chiropractic adjustments, nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice. When providing manual adjustments to correct misaligned or improperly moving spinal bones in the upper neck many patients get relief of their sinus problems.

Additionally, I commonly recommend patients use an inexpensive sinus rinse bottle. These can be purchased in any convenience store and are found on the “cough/cold” shelves. They usually come with saline packets that contains a combination of baking soda and salt. One can simply fill the rinse bottle with lukewarm water, empty a saline packet into the water and then gently squirt the solution into the nostrils while leaning over the sink. This provides a gentle way for these sinus membranes to be cleaned and relieved of irritation.

I have found that people who get persistent or recurrent sinus headaches that are resistant to pharmaceutical care get relief by receiving chiropractic treatment.

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